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"Helen isn't just a superb EFT Practitioner, she is also a highly trained teacher.  This makes her workshops doubly effective."Gary Craig, EFT Founder

Maybe you'd like to learn EFT at home or want to attend an EFT basics workshop? Perhaps you'd like formal EFT training so you can use these techniques in professional practice?

Maybe you're searching for an EFT practitioner or perhaps you just want to know if Emotional Freedom Techniques can help with your issue?

If your answer to any of these questions was “Yes!”, you've come to the right place – welcome!

Hi, my name is Helen Walker and I've been developing my expertise in Emotional Freedom Techniques for well over a decade.

I've honed my skills over the years, and now specialise in the treatment of all forms of anxiety, particularly Social Anxiety.

But I've also been a very active participant in the worldwide EFT community for most of that time, and I have been privileged to work with some of the best in the field.

Now, after 5 years working on the ACEP Official EFT certification program, I have established my own independent training school - EFT Tutorial College

"Long before she found EFT, Helen was a professional trainer and has a wealth of experience in designing quality training programs. She was on my team as a Lead Trainer for the ACEP Program as well as my primary consultant in designing the workshops. 

For resolving your issues with individual sessions or learning EFT as a professional in a workshop, Helen Walker comes with my highest recommendation." 

Tina Craig, Co-Author of the Official EFT Tutorial

As well as being an EFT trainer, I have used these techniques to bring about incredible personal and spiritual growth for myself, and I want to share what I've learned with you.

In addition, once you've learned the basics, I've put together a free EFT Fundamentals ebook for you that is designed to reinforce your understanding of the key elements of these techniques.

Put simply, Emotional Freedom Techniques is a blend of traditional talk therapy with the ancient wisdom of acupuncture - but without the use of needles!

What makes it different from other forms of therapy?

Most other forms of treatment aim to get you to alter how you think about something. EFT alters how you feel about it. This subtle difference in emphasis is incredibly powerful when it comes to bringing about lasting change.

The most exciting thing about EFT is that we can “Try It On Everything!” and we frequently get astounding results. Whether you want to address emotional, physical or spiritual issues, you'll discover that these techniques will be indispensable.

The bottom line is that EFT is a simple, elegant tool with the phenomenal power to bring about incredible, dramatic change.

And it could help YOU to transform your life in ways you haven't begun to imagine!

Naturally, your starting point for all of this is to learn the basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques as created by Gary Craig. Although it's sometimes referred to as 'tapping', you'll discover that there's much, much more to it than just that!

Tapping is a key component in many emotional health protocols, but Emotional Freedom Techniques is a specific, targeted way of using tapping. To get the most from this website, you'll want to immerse yourself in Gary and Tina Craig's Official EFT Tutorial first.

From there, I'll be available as your guide whether you're ready to learn how to be successful using EFT for self-help, or you want to go all the way to mastering Emotional Freedom Techniques for use in clinical practice.

This will be an exciting journey! Let's begin!

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