EFT Certification
Validates Your EFT Skills

Gaining an EFT certification is an important consideration if you intend to use EFT in a professional capacity. Your certification is your 'badge of merit'. It reflects the time and effort you have put into your EFT education.

That education should always begin with Gary and Tina Craig's Official EFT tutorial, the free, online resource that delineates the standard for Official EFT. Whether you intend to use EFT in public practice or not, this is your starting point.

However, once you've spent some time learning and practising EFT under Gary and Tina's online instruction, you might find that you are keen to get some kind of EFT certification to validate your understanding of the skills you have learned.

So what are your options?

Well, there are lots of individuals and organisations offering certification in EFT.

These certifications have been structured and designed to meet a variety of needs so it is essential that you are clear about what you want from your qualification.

Ask yourself what type of certification you need. Most courses will supply certificates of attendance if you simply need Continuing Education or Professional Development credit.

But what if you want more than this?

If you want a certification that represents a validation of your EFT skills for use in a professional environment, there ARE independent trainers who can offer this. However, you will probably want to consider a qualification from a recognised provider.

Recognised EFT Certification Programs

Certification programs in EFT vary greatly in terms of the time and the level of study that is required. Naturally enough, the financial commitment you are required to make will reflect both the duration of study and the degree of assessment.

Some EFT workshops and certification programs are aimed solely at healthcare professionals and are designed for those who wish to practise EFT at the level of therapeutic intervention. Other programs are open to all and tailor their content accordingly.

There are several international umbrella organisations offering certification programs. Collectively, they provide a range of options for specific audiences.

One of the main differences between these providers is the degree to which they standardise course content and training delivery.

Some operate with an outline syllabus but will leave their trainers free to deliver their own content in their own way. In this type of certification, your skills will be assessed according to your trainer's interpretation and understanding of that syllabus.

Other providers will have a set curriculum and you will be guaranteed the same teaching input irrespective of which EFT trainer's course you choose to attend. This type of certification indicates that your skills have been assessed against set criteria and standardised performance indicators.

Each organisation will also have a different approach to the selection criteria for trainers and/or the level of on-going assessment that trainers undertake.

In summary, you have a wide range of options when it comes to EFT certification, so be clear about what you want and need. Then make a list of all the things you want to know and don't be afraid to ASK your training provider. They're there to help, after all.

Remember, if you simply need to prove that you've attended a live EFT workshop, most courses will issue an attendance certificate. This provides testimony to the number of hours of instruction that you have undergone, but it does not represent any assessment of what you have learned.

If you are looking for certification in order to be insured for professional practice, please be aware that training providers have varying standards about what is required in order to be awarded EFT Practitioner status.

Your choice of EFT certification will be both a reflection of the amount of time and effort you have put into your EFT education, and a statement of the calibre of training that you have undertaken.

Be sure to shop around and do your homework before making your selection.

Finally, if you have already decided that you are looking for a certification that reflects a high standard of education and compliance with a standardised curriculum, ask your prospective certification provider:

Do you provide professional EFT Training Workshops that are regularly assessed for quality and consistency?

Professional trainers expect to have their work audited regularly both for teaching quality and for compliance to a core program.

So if you have chosen to be certificated by a large training orgainisation, be sure to select one that maintains routine checks on their trainers.

Your professional EFT education is important, so make the right decision first time around!

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